Counselling for Men 

 Brian E. Brumwell, BSc, MTS,

 [email protected]

Fees & Services

Individual Counselling $120/hr

sliding scale if necessary

I have worked with issues involving survivors of child abuse alcohol abuse, substance abuse, cutting and bullying. Men's Issues and people facing Children's Aid Services. I have a wide range of experiences that can help you get to the root of your issues and come out victorious.

Couples Counselling $120/hr.

Pre-marital and Marriage Counselling

 Invest in your relationship. A few focused sessions to open communication or an in depth 4-8 week Couples Tune Up may be just the thing you need to "get back on track" and encourage the communication and support every couple needs. Couples spend thousands on one day but very little on planning for marriage.Together we use the Prepare/Enrich tool to help committed couples prepare for marriage and married couples at any stage of their marriage strengthen and grow their relationships. Together we can improve your marriage. Other issues often come up as we work together & I offer a safe place to discuss those things. 

Concussion &Traumatic Brain Injury Counselling $120/hr. (sliding scale)

Helping families & survivors of Concussion & TBI

When recovering from brain injury the long road after the patient is able to return home is far from over. Emotional changes and family dynamics often take a very different form. Together we can work on accepting change or even grieving the loss of former hopes and dreams but find new dreams and realities which can be as satisfying.